My plot, so far…




Writing spiritual fiction works best narrated from the third person omniscient point of view. Basically the words in italics is when a character is reflecting or discerning something.  I intentionally put down certain words hoping that you will go back and discover one of the special spiritual messages in one of the many sub-plots. Expect to be pulled between heaven and hell; halfway ​thru I will start to stitch things together. My task is finished, when,  In The Silence, you discern that there is more to life than words...

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​I was born the third child of seven, into a hard working family that strived to achieve middle class. My father was a police officer and my mother a homemaker and skilled seamstress. I was baptized twelve days after birth, on the first day of spring, so that makes me a Cradle Catholic. If I would have been born into the Islam faith; I would probably be a Muslim today, born into Judaism a good Jew; born into Hinduism a good Hindus. I know myself well enough to know that I would have stayed the course of the religion that I was born into; change is not part of my DNA. But then… “God knew my name before he created the universe.”

Some fifty plus years ago, while attending Catholic school the Nuns and Lay Teachers sparked my interest in Science and Math. In the seventh grade Sister Elizabeth Marie had me do a project on the difference between AC and DC electricity. I was hooked on electron current flow from that science project on. I attended a high school that offered four years of electronics at the same time that digital solid state circuits were being built into Integrated Circuits (IC’s). College was not part of my family’s resources and/or makeup so I headed off to trade school and an electronics/electrical apprenticeship.

Doing without numerous material things much of my childhood kept my early prayers focused toward a successful and rewarding career path.  Some forty plus years later my electronic training has taken me all over the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. I was rewarded financially and very satisfied with the electrical/electronic field that Sister Elizabeth Marie encouraged me to pursue way back in the seventh grade. Still on my journey, The Great Recession, outsourcing and my age leaves me unemployed at what should be my Golden Years.     

As the years stack up, maturity has me discerning how I would like to conclude my own plot. It is not death that I fear; it is eternity. Being measured by what I failed to do; is also a concern.  Hopefully, I can help others find some enjoyment through my writing and this simple website.

One last truth about myself: I do not claim to know, how, when and or who is going to Heaven. The internet and the world are full of self-righteous individuals and/or religions that irrefutable claim this fact. I’m leaving God’s decisions up to God…OUR TEAM