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Dear readers, digital friends and beta editors,

Thank you for wandering thru my book. For over ten years I wrote training manuals and/or source controlled documentation for multimillion dollar corporations. The exactness of this type of technical writing has no room for errors; one mistake and someone could get seriously hurt or a million dollars worth of electronic equipment could be destroyed. I always had a team of editors and subject matter experts to work with. The billable hours for editing and corrections often exceeded twenty-five thousand dollars.

Now, out on my own and writing fiction I don’t have the luxury or resources to network with a team to edit, correct and make changes. So, my business model is to put my books out in digital format first, in proof/draft form before professional editing. If I get a positive response and some return on investment I can hire a SME team.

If you enjoy my books and feel their spiritual genre please share my work. If you would like to leave a comment or join my beta reader list, please do so at, Your help and comments will be appreciated.

Also, if you are of the personality type that can’t stand to see grammar errors or a plot that dead ends, please contact me directly. I’m always open to finding and working with subject matter experts (SME). Email

One last thing… If you have that dream that has become more than a burning desire, I would tell you to go for it. Maybe, you want to write a book, restore a car, build a home, or take that trip? If you really want it, you can make the journey happen. I have spent fifteen years on my second book. Don’t listen to all the naysayers; forget about rejection and just start the journey. Don’t measure success by reaching the summit. Measure your success by determination, adversity and hard work.


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To get the last chapter/summary of my books you will have to order the entire book @ the Kindle store or thru this site.  My agreement with Amazon states that an author can not sell books at a lower price from their website. This makes sense and is a good business practice.  Pre-release books will be sold at a reduced price.  So if I’m offering a book for $4.99 thru my website; that book will be $4.99 at the Kindle store.

If you do not use or have a digital reader like a kindle, I can send you the entire book in a PDF file or word doc. Both formats can be read on most computers or smart phones. I use paypal for those payments. 

If you are one of my reviewers that continually sends comments, suggestions, corrections and edits you will receive the last chapter/summary for free, because you are  considered an editor.


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